Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today was the Kotzebue Sound Racing Association 2009 Women's Race. It's a 120 mile trail from Kotzebue to Noorvik and back.

Here is the list of racers. It does not include the late entries that entered the race after the list was published. I am not postine photos of all the racers. I missed a few poeple and some pics didn't come out so well so I am only posting the good ones. If I could figure out who racer was I posted their name under the photo. If anyone knows any of the other racers shown feel free to leave a comment and let me know who they are and what photo they are in.

Spectators stretched along the trail.

This is one of the cover planes that follow the racers. They keep an eye on everybody and will radio to race officials if there are any racers that wreck or run out of gas.

These three planes are following the winner back to the finish line in Kotzebue.

Katrina Carter, Arctic Cat 570.

Samantha Harris, Arctic Cat Fire Cat 700.

More spectators and cover planes.

Helen Harris, Polaris XC 700

Lucy Nelson, Arctic Cat Z 570.

Leanne Viveiros, Arctic Cat Z 570.

Sonja Schaeffer, Ski-Doo 550.

Zazell Staheli on a Yamaha, minus her cowling and various other parts she left along the trail.

Muck Viveiros, Arctic Cat 570.

Carrie Goodwin, Arctic Cat ZR 500.

Agnes Anasogak, Arctic Cat Fire Cat 600.

Autumn Mitchell, Ski-Doo MXZ-550.

Here is a video taken at the Noorvik Checkpoint where each racers pit crew gasses them up.



Ms. ~K said...

Good luck Ladies!

Anonymous said...

Wow...pit crews and everything! Indy 550 Artic style!
Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom...