Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fog is good...


...because this fog is like a sure sign of spring. It blots out the sun, cancels flights and ruins hunting plans.

It's also something that I I don't like to complain about because it's almost like insulting spring, and Lord knows we have waited so long for spring. So as for the fog, I say bring it on!

The weather is slowly warming up. Around it sometimes seems like one day it's winter and then WHAMMO the next day we are above freezing and there are puddles all over. That's kinda true, it does warm up a bit over time, but the line between snowpack on the road and lakes in the street is crossed within a couple days. I was taking photos of waterlogged roads in Kotzebue I think on April 21st last year.

And the days keep getting longer. now go to bed in the light and wake up in the light. It's great, but it does make getting the boy to bed a bit harder. I will tell him it's time for bed and he will say "But's STILL light out". And I say "'s gonna be light out from now until the middle of August but that doesn't mean you get to stay awake that whole time!"

FYI- I am working on the Nusher Banquet photos and hope to have them up this evening.



Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

And then Kaisa says, "but MOM, its not fair, the sun doesn't have to go to bed, why do I???"

And then I say, "life's not fair....go to bed!"

Hahah... I think we all go through that with our kids at springtime!!!

Trish said...

From this much snow to puddles in the road that quickly? I need to order the boys some good rubber boots, eh? And right away.
Today was a beautiful day, I walked home from the school and store with no gloves or scarf!

I just started working at the school today and I think I saw your boy. I recognized him from pictures!

Now that we are getting settled in here I'd love to meet you sometime.

Amy said...

Yay for spring in the far north! Much deserved after a long winter!