Friday, April 24, 2009

Classy Dude


Kotzebue has three Alaska airlines flights a day. The afternoon and evening flights are a usually 737-400 Combi like the one in this picture that I got from Combi's have 72 seats and a dedicated forward compartment for cargo, therefor there is no first class section. The morning flight is sometimes a regular 737-400 with a fist class section.

Uyaana and I flew to Anchorage on Wednesday (we'll be here til Saturday evening). Because I am MVP on Alaska Airlines I can upgrade to first class. Since Uyaana was coming with I upgraded him as well. This was his first time in first class. He thought he was hot stuff.

He was very impressed with breakfast. He asked me what it was and told him it was a tomato basil quiche. He said "YUMMMM!!!!" Now this is a kid who wouldn't normally touch anything called "tomato basil quiche" but because it was served in first class he said it was "the best breakfast EVER".

"Look mom, we get REAL glasses!"



Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

AWESOME! Welcome to the world of FIRST CLASS! Don't get him spoiled though, Kaisa says to me..."Mom, why aren't we in First PLACE?" hehe...

P.S. my b-day is Saturday, you gonna come over for some practice hanging out with people you don't know?! hehehe..

Anonymous said...

... and don't ever let him read "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche" either!

Becky said...

Once during college, I was upgraded to first class because I'd given up my seat on the earlier flight out (and still got a discount voucher for my next flight)...and I agree. Everything seemed to taste better was far more comfortable in first class.

He is a classy guy.

Anonymous said...

Uyaana is way ahead of me -- I've flown a lot, but so far never first class! That's good news for him, he's learning about the good things he can aim for so he can expect to end up way higher in life than many of us can -- especially since he's starting out so high, so young! Study hard Uyaana, it's worth it!