Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Photos- 2009 Archie Ferguson Willie Goodwin Race

My original plan was to take some photos at the starting line and then head to Lockard Point and take some photos of the racers passing by. That's not how it worked out.. Instead I left at 9am that morning and headed to Noorvik to help gas up some racers.

It was a beautiful, but cold day. We had some issues with one of out snogos and we barely made it to Noorvik 10 minutes ahead of the racers. I also, for the first time, froze my camera. Well, actually it was my 18-200mm vr lens that I froze. Itwouldn't auto focus any more and it wouldn't even manual focus at anything past 150mm. So all these photos were manually focused and luckily I still got some decent ones.


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Anonymous said...

When are the results for the 2009 AFWG race going to be posted?