Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kobuk 440 Stuff **UPDATE**

****Ok, here is how the Kobuk 440 updates will work. Noah Naylor is doing a current standings chart and he will be updating it straight from the time keeper. It is my understanding that he will be posting them as they come in so it should be fairly realtime. Tomorrow I will make a "sticky" blog post that will stay at the top of the blog for the duration of Kobuk 440. It will contain the link to the current standings. UNDERNEATH that "sticky" post the blog will go on AS USUAL so if you want to look at other stuff about the Kobuk 440 or the Archie Ferguson Willie Goodwin Memorial Snowmachine Race or the Arctic Circle Championship sled dog races you will have to scroll down and check......OK? OK.****

The Kobuk 440 dog sled race starts tomorrow at 4:40pm on the ice out in front of Kotzebue. The musher's meeting and will be held tonight at 7pm.

It is my intention to do updates on the blog as they come in.....and I have no idea how I am going to do this. I am trying to come up with an easy format in the form of a "Sticky" blog post that will stay at the top of the blog until the race finishes. I'm not sure how successful that will be but it seems much easier than trying to do an individual post for each update. That would just be craziness, and things are crazy enough as it is.

So bare with me. I know a lot of you are coming here for Kobuk 440 info and I will do my best to have it up as soon as I can as it comes in.



Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

You suck.

April Fools. You're cool. :) Can't wait for the start! :) Sorry no mushers are staying at my poor, cold, broken house! :)

Cathy said...

Hahaha...anatuuq. I wish I knew how to fix boilers, I'd hook you up.

Noah said...

Cathy I know you will be taking great photos, would you forward some photos to me so i can post them on the website. Thanks


Anonymous said...

1st was Jerry riley 2nd was dempsy woods 3rd was heath karo 4th was pete kaiser 5th was pete lawrence unofficially into noorvik

tundratantrum said...

Who the heck is Pete Lawrence?? lol