Thursday, April 9, 2009

2009 KDMA Mushers Banquet

The awards banquet for the Kotzebue Dog Mushers Association was held on Monday, April 6th. This is a chance to celebrate everyone's accomplishments during all the races held during the 2008-2009 racing season. The banquet lasted three hours and people won multiple awards so I will just post the photos that I have and try and lest what awards they received.

Quinn Iten, 3rd blace in the Noatak 120.

Ed Iten, 2nd in the Noatak 120 and 4th in the Kobuk 440.

John Baker, 1st in both the Noatak 120 and the Kobuk 440.

Buddoo Gallahorn. 3rd in the 8 Dog Championship, 1st in the Doc Harris/Dan Snyder Combo.

Paul Hansen, 2nd in both the 8 Dog Championship and Doc Harris/Dan Snyder, and 3rd in the Arctic Circle Championship.

Cyrus Harris, 1st in the 8 Dog Championship (Do I have these 8 Dog places right?? Someone let me know, and the KDMA Sportsmanship Award.

Luke Sampson, 3rd in the Doc Harris/Dan Snyder.

Bill Kornmueller, 2nd in the Arctic Circle Championship.

Terry Streeper, 1stin the Arctic Circle Championship.

And Now the Kobuk 440 awards.....

Heath Coro award for first musher into Ambler.

Rainer Lorenz, award for last musher into Ambler.

Heath Coro again for the Rookie of the Year award in memory of Dr. Roger Gollub.

11th place, Dempsey Woods, Nome, AK.

10th place, Middy Johnson, Unalakleet, Ak.

9th place Rainer Lorenz, Kotzebue, AK

8th place, Mike Williams Jr., Akiak, AK.

7th place, Jerry Sousa, Talkeetna, AK.

6th Place, Jerry Riley, Nenana, AK.

5th place, Robert Nelson, Kotzebue, AK.

4th place, Ed Iten, Kotzebue, AK.

3rd place, Pete Kaiser, Bethel, AK.

2nd place, Heath Coro, Kotzebue, AK. Heath's mom in Maine will be reading this and I bet she's real proud of her boy.

1st place and Humanitarian Award winner, John Baker, Kotzebue, AK.

Race veterinarian, Dr. Phil Meyer of Wasilla Veterinary Clinic.

Here is a group shot of the participants of the 2009 Arctic Circle Champoinship.

I hope you all enjoyed the photos from the 2008-2009 dog racing season. That's all til next year.


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that I can recognize this is in the School cafeteria. Wish I could come back and visit (without the blizzards)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. It's wonderful to see the mushers recognized.

Anonymous said...

Great pics, but Where's Roger???