Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If You Can't Beat It, Blog It!


I think I have the swine flu, or the bird flu or the hippo flu or something. I'm still sick. I started to feel a bit better today but I think it is getting worse again and starting to spread to my lungs and the fever has come back.

Buy you can only stay in bed so long before you start to get crazy so I decided to take a ride around town and check out the water situation. This is the road my office is on. Ironically it is called Lake St.

The water doesn't bother kids any.

It's just something to play in.

The snow is steadily melting....

...but it is nowhere near even half gone yet.

And it's going to be a few more weeks before the gravel melts enough to allow the water to start slowly draining away.

The pumps are working overtime....

....but there are not enough pumps to go around.

Most of the roads look like this.

Some are worse than others.

Uyaana really wanted me to drive through this one but it looked DEEP.

He walked into it to show me it wasn't so deep.

He had to turn back because it was too deep for his boots.

Spring is not pretty in town.

It's all dirty snowbanks and mud.

It reveals 200 days worth of windblown trash from bags broken open by ravens and loose dogs.

This is the edge of the Swan Lake Lagoon. This is one of the places they have been dumping the snow they scoop out of town.

Another pump. This one is pumping out part of the hospital parking lot.

The hose crosses the street and empties into the lagoon.

Here is the honeybucket sucker sucking the puddles all over town. When it is full they dump it out onto the ice.

And here is my lovely mucky road.....but I"M NOT COMPLAINING....remember?

You know, ever since I froze my 18-200mm VR lens it doesn't seem to be taking very good photos. Either that or I am just used to looking at how great the 70-200mm f2.8 VR looks.



AussieAlaskan said...

Hi Cathy - what a mess!! Are you still getting around on the snow machine? I know you are NOT complaining, but damn! I lived F'bks for years and never saw spring break up like this - obviously, different situation. Get well soon and thanks for getting out and posting, in spite of the ??? flu.


Keith in Cadillac said...

We are all glad you are feeling better. Does not look like a good place to be sick at this time. Are you still able to use your snow machines on the Sound? Looking at the web cam it appears to be a different color. Like maybe there is now some water on the surface?
Thanks again for all the great photos. I still think the reason is the photographer, not the lens.

Conchscooter said...

No holds barred blogging. The notion that a community has a multi purpose sewage truck sucking up floodwaters and spewing them into the lagoon blows the modest mind of someone who would rather eat worms than live in a town that floods when temperatures are barely above freezing. Perhaps you have cholera?

Anonymous said...

Well, DUH! That's WHY it's called Lake Street! LOL. Cathy, I'm truly sorry you've been so sick. But thanks for posting pictures for al of us to see how slowly spring arrives in Kotzebue. You're a trooper. If it makes you feel better, you can check out springtime in Oklahoma pics on my blog. But then again, that might make you feel worse. Anyway, I always look forward to your new posts, and I hope you're feeling really good really soon!


Joe said...


Thank God for that the structures are up on those blocks because of the permafrost!

Anonymous said...

You'd better not be oinking any by August. Get well now. That's an order.


Rocksee said...

maybe you could go for a swim in the Kotz Spring Waters and it would cure your flu?


Cara said...

ahhhh....spring in OTZ...I miss splashing fast through the puddles on the four wheeler...always kept me young.

Anonymous said...

At least you are not rolling around like a baluega whale in the middle of a blizzard!! I hope you get well soon. In San Diego cost-co they are wearing face masks while shopping. Such wimps.

Lisa said...

Recently discovered your blog and I am really enjoying your pics and seeing what life in Kotzebue! Today in the Wasilla area my temp gauge said 73*.All of our snow has been gone for a few weeks now. Hope you feel better soon.