Saturday, April 11, 2009

Noatak by Snogo

On Friday we headed to Noatak on snogo. This time I did not take my good camera especially after freezing my 18-200mm lens. Instead I took a little point and click Nikon Coolpix. It only has an LCD screen so most of the time I could hardly see what I was taking a pic of much less whether or not it was in focus.

First we stopped at camp to pick up a few things. Remember my new anaqvik? It's half buried. So sad, can't even get to it to enjoy my toasty blue foam seat.

Uyaana was happy to be heading to Noatak.

Here's the view of the Noatak River from our camp.

The trail follows along the Noatak River for a while.

Heading towards Hugo Mountain.

Going up over the shortcut portage.

The country along the Noatak River is, in my opinion, the most beautiful. Winter, spring, summer or fall, doesn't really matter at all...lalalala....

This is the shelter cabin near the confluence of the Noatak and the Agashashok (Aggie) Rivers.

We stopped at the cabin for a few minutes and chatted with a some guy who was also taking a break here.I also needed the break to get the blood flowing back into my throttle thumb...owie.

There were lots of bunny tracks all over.

After the shelter cabin the trail crosses over about 15 miles of the Noatak Flats. The flats are...ummm.....very flat. When the trail is rough it sometime feel like forever to get across. Lucky for us the trail was smooth and fast and it didn't seem to take as long as it usually does.

When you get to the other side you are greeted by this sign. When I first saw it I thought it said "Welcome to Noatak Smiles"...hahaha...oops.

Here is a random shot from the village.

I have written about Noatak before but for those of you who may have missed that post Noatak is located on the west bank of the Noatak River, 55 miles north of Kotzebue. It has a population of about 512 people and is the only village located alon the Noatak River.

We went to noatak to visit family and friends. While we were there Uyaana got a chance to participate in the annual Easter egg hunt. The kids, by grade, get a chance to hunt for plastic eggs.

The eggs have a monetary value written on them such as $1, $5, $10, $20, and $50. The kids run around and find eggs and then get to trade them in for whatever amount is written on it. Uyaana found a $1 egg and a $10 egg.

Of course all that money was burning a hole in his pocket so we went over to the store so he could spend it.

I took some photos of the trip back to Kotzebue but the weather was overcast and the whole white sky white snow makes for lousy photos as nothing has any depth or definition but here are a few....

Two moose in the Noatak flats.

My bad ass snogo. You might see my bad self wizzing down the trail at a whopping 40mph. I'm such a hotshot....not.




Mrs. Hurzeler said...

Thank you so much for posting pictures in and around Kotzebue. It really makes me realize how fortunate I am to live up here in Alaska. I can see now, when people say Alaska gets in your blood, what they mean. Hope you and your son have a great Easter Weekend.

AussieAlaskan said...

I think all those miles out there alone with just your family make you a pretty gutsy girl. Beautiful looking trip.

Regards, AussieAlaskan

Keith in Cadillac said...
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Keith in Cadillac said...

Happy Easter to you and your family. Thanks again for the great pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and your pictures certainly write volumes about your area. I am really looking forward to seeing some of it this coming week.
Thanks again for your photos, information and efforts with the blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to all of you.


Margaret in WV said...

Hey Cathy. Bill wants to know how many mpg your snowmachine gets. Wondering how you make it all that way without gassing up.

We never got to make that trip and always wondered what it was like. Thanks for the pix.

Hey Uyanna. congrats on the successful egg hunt.

Anonymous said...

Your awesome photos just go to show that no matter the camera, a good photographer can take great photos! I didn't see any Easter Eggs...were they all white? (Camoflaged! Ha!)


Ms. ~K said...

What a trip...thanks for taking us along!!!

Becky said...

I guess I'm a wussy citified SoCal girl these days, because even though I've driven across country by myself a few times, it kinda scares me thinking about trekking across the wilderness in ice and snow on a SnoGo to get somewhere. You really ARE gutsy, woman. Great photos, too.

What a cool Easter Egg hunt! That's like finding the gooses golden egg! Glad Uyaana scored!

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing your snogo trip! Such beautiful country up there. Great pics on your Coolpix.

To you it may have been "just overcast" on the return trip, but what a great adventure for us that don't get to see snow like that and moose too!
Kathy (aka hummingbirdkw)

Anonymous said...

Aren't all eggs $1 eggs in the bush?