Friday, April 3, 2009

More Kobuk 440 Start Photos

Here are some more Kobuk 440 photos. They were taken about 2 miles from the starting line. These were not taken by me. They were sent to me by an an anonymous submitter.

Heath Coro

Chuck Schaeffer

John Baker

I think this is Robert Nelson

Pete Kaiser

Ed Iten

Mike Williams Jr.

Rainer Lorenz

Jerry Sousa

If anyone in Kotzebue or the other villages would like to send in a couple of their Kobuk 440 photos you can email them to me and I will post them up with your name, unless you want to be anonymous.



Ms. ~K said...

I'm loving these pictures...thanks!
Is Louis Nelson,Sr your uncle? I took several pictures of him at the restart in Willow...
Email me if you would like me to forward...I've always respected him as a man and a musher.

Happy Trails,

tundratantrum said...

Louie Nelson is Uyaana's great uncle.