Monday, March 9, 2009

Visability is Minus 30


What's minus 30 visability you say? That means nevermind seeing where your going, you don't even know where you have been.

The phone rang this morning. It was one of the teachers on the "notification tree" calling my mom (she works at the school)to let her know that the decision has been made to cancel school. My mom however wasn't home to answer the phone. She was STILL at her other job. She works 3pm to 11pm somewhere else on the weekends. No one was able to relieve her at 11am and no one was able to relieve her this morning at 7am. She said there's a 4 foot snow drift in fromnt of the door and she hasn't heard a snowplow since before midnight.

I brought the dogs outside to their pen so they could go potty and we were immediately shellaqued with 60mph snow. Even my my dogs, who usually love stomy weather, were unimpressed.

Somehow there is someone at the radio station. He must have teleported himself there. I thought for sure they would be running automated this morning. So far his announcements say that school is closed, Maiilaq and just about everything else is closed until 1pm (yay for me), and everyone needs to stay home because most of the roads are impassible because Kotzebue Public Works has given up due to zero visability. I don't blame 'em.


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