Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy Busy

Sorry I haven't been around much. It was a busy weekend and I didn't have a chance to take any pictures of anything interesting. This weekend is going to be kind of crazy. Between work, class, and getting ready for the Kobuk 440 I am going to be lucky to get any photos or posts in. I will try to get something in each day. It may not be my own stuff. Might be a link to something interesting to keep you occupied.

This weekend will be be very busy starting on Thursday with the start of the Kobuk 440 sled dog race. We have been having some trouble with logistics as the volcano has not been cooperating. People are still trying to get here with all their dogs and stuff. So far this is who we have that are HERE and ready to go...
-Chuck Schaeffer, Kotzebue/Ivik
-Ed Iten Kotzebue/Fish Creek
-Another Ed Iten team
-John Baker, Kotzebue
-Heath Coro, Kotzebue
-Mike Williams Jr., Akiak
-Dempsey Woods, Nome
-Pete Kaiser, Bethel
-Jerry Riley, Nenana
We have approximately 7 "maybes" still trying to get here.

On Friday will be the start of the Arctic Circle Championship dog races. These are sprint dogs. And on Saturday will be the Archie Ferguson Willie Goodwin Memorial Snowmachine Race. So there will be lots of photos of lots of different things starting on Thursday, so be patient and bear with me until then.



Anonymous said...

Make sure you get a nice picture or two of Roger for me - but don't tell him why you're taking it! :)


tundratantrum said...


Ms. ~K said...

Looking forward to your race pictures...get lots of dog pictures for me please!
It was 75 degrees here today and
I thought of you as I slipped into my flip flops-chuckle!!!

Anonymous said...

Any word on exactly how many mushers this year?

Cathy said...

We have the nine mushers that I mentioned in the blog post that are already here and ready to go....and there are 5 or 6 "maybes" who are trying to get here but having difficulty becasue of the volcano.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jee, haha damn Redoubt! arite thanks for the info :D