Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bandwidth Exceeded

Well, it seems that for the first time ever I have exceeded my bandwidth with Photobucket. I have been using them to host my photos since I started this blog and haven't had any problems with it until now.

I was unaware that the free account with Photobucket has a monthly allotment of bandwidth. It had never been an issue, but in the last two months I have seen my daily blog traffic triple, so i guess that's what caused it. I had to pony up the $40 bucks for Photobucket Pro. Problem solved.

To those of you who noticed the problem thanks for the heads up. Chances are I wouldn't have noticed until way later today.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming.


1 comment:

Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

I'll give you five bucks for my contribution to your photo's! :) Plus the $25 I owe you for our breakfast in ANC! :)