Sunday, March 8, 2009

Howling Like A Dog Outside


Yep. Another blizzard. We keep getting hammered, one right after another. In 23 days we have had what seems to be 11 separate storms. Somebody chime in here if they have a different count than me. Maybe I'll call the weather service and get an accurate count. The school has already declared a delayed opening for tomorrow. School will start at 10am. I guess they are erring on the side of caution, especially after the debacle of February 27th were several kids in special ed were stuck at the school until midnight.

Well I won't be going to work until 10 am either. Gonna need that extra time to shovel another trench to my truck.

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Anonymous said...

PAOT Kotzebue Snow/BlwngSnow 12 100 E39G90 29.73 -12 0

Good call, 7-8AM National Wx Service
winds east at 39 gusting to 90. I couldn't make it past the snow-drifts this morning. When viz goes to 0, I don't care what anyone calls it; it be blizzard