Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sliding Yesterday


Yesterday Uyaana and I took the dogs out for a run out behind town.

As you can see the weather was starting to close in.

It was about 20 degrees ABOVE zero so it was actually pretty warm out. The wind was blowing at about 25 mph.

Uyaana and the dogs had a great time sliding down the hill and then running back up for about an hour.

Here is Mike Williams Jr. getting ready to take his dogs for a training run today. Mike is the son of Iditarod musher Mike Williams Sr. This will be Mike Jr's first Kobuk 440.

Tonight's sunset. This was taken at 9:14pm. Today sunset was at 9:44pm. Cuvil twilight, the time after sunset when twilight is gone and it is dark was at 10:40pm.



Villager said...

Happy WW! Truly remarkable photos. Thank you for sharing them with us...

I invite your blog readers to see what happens when you combine fruit, a pocket knife and some imagination...

peace, Villager

Ms. ~K said...

Great photos, as always...
Folks in this area would be inside, scared to death if we had weather like that...but you guys are out in it, enjoying the moment-I love it!!!

I got a couple good photos of Mike at Iditarod restart. I like him...good luck to Jr.

Anonymous said...

It almost doesn't matter to me what you are photographing. All of your pictures are wonderful and I check in everyday to see what's new in Kotzebue.

Bette - CTAntique

Anji Gallanos said...

Great photos! You always do such a good job with you pics :)


Trish said...

Thank you for checking in on us! We are here, we got in Monday evening. The boys started school today so Ben may meet Uyaana at some point.
Beautiful pictures! My boys got to go sledding last night out at Cemetary hill. They had so much fun!
Thank you for your phone number and offer of help. I'll hang on to it and give you a call sometime soon. Ilook forward to meeting you!

Rocksee said...

Your Pictures are just tremendous.. Really.. wow.

Anonymous said...