Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Year Blogiversary!

Today is the two year anniversary of this blog. Those of you who know me well know what an amazing feat that is for me. I'm not usually long on attention span. This blog started out as a way for me to post pictures every now and then for family and friends who live far away. At first I posted intermittently. Sometimes going weeks or months without posting. Then for some reason, in the summer of 2007 I started posting more often. Readers started trickling in. I remember being amazed that I had 20 people a day look at the blog. It was at that time that I started feeling like I had a responsibility to my readers. If there wasn't at least something new to look at I would feel bad.

Here we are, two years later and I get over 300 hits a day! Who would have thought that my simple life here in the arctic would ever be so interesting to people? I am glad that people enjoy reading and I am happy to have the chance to share this land and the people of this region that I love. It's great to hear from people through comments and email too. I have had the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people through this blog and really I think that is the best part.

So, in celebration of the two year blogiversary of Keeping it Real at 66 Degrees North Latitude I want to HEAR FROM YOU!! The regulars, the lurkers, the newbies, the passersby.....leave a comment, say hello. Don't be shy...afterall you are all the reason that I do this. How did you find us? Where are you from? And be sure to take my "What's Your Alaska Status" poll on the sidebar at the right.

Thanks again to everyone for being a part of my life because really, you all are. This blog has become a integral part of my daily existence and I feel that it has enriched it in a positive way.




KC said...

Hi! I'm KC from Fairbanks. I think I found you with your pilot bread post, though I've since forgot whether this is the case or not. Happy birthday, blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,

From where in New England? I'm in the Greater Boston area. And, why way up there in Alaska?


Tim and Karin Bodony said...

We live in Galena. We came for the coverage of the Kobuk 440 last year, and have stayed for the excellent photography and witty commentary.

Amy said...

Hi! I'm currently in Tulsa and moving back to Fairbanks in a month with my husband and kids! I can hardly wait to get back to my favorite state! I don't remember how I found your blog, but thoroughly enjoy your photography! Keep up the good work!

S&T in VT. said...

Hi Cathy,
My husband found your blog via the Newsminer. We keep coming back because it is so interesting! I grew up in NH and my husband wants to move to AK . We live in VT now. Happy Anniversary!

angie said...

happy anniversary! You found me. And I love "the north" and your pictures and big-ass blizzards and dog sleds and, of course, Karelian Bear Dogs, so I keep coming back too! And ever since the mammoth ivory you sent... my boys want to come visit you!

angie said...

oh... and I like pilot bread too! i don't think too many bloggers write about pilot bread!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! I believe I found your blog with the Newsminer. I am just so interested in Alaska, I have to read everything I can about it. I will be visiting Fairbanks in the summer of 2010, when my son in back at FT Wainrwright. I can't wait for that! Happy Aniversary and Kudos for the great pics of the mushers and their dogs! I am looking forward to many more years of your blog!
Davenport FL

Rocksee said...

Hi Cathy-

I believe I found your blog by looking up "Alaska Blogs" on google and there you were.

I would love to take your poll, but it doesn't have an spot for me.
I would have checked "been to Alaska, loved it, so Im moving there"

I am moving to Fairbanks in August.
I always look forward to your posts, your beautiful photos and your take on life.

You are a much better writer than you think!

Happy 2nd!


sarah said...

Hooray for anniversaries!
I don't remember how I found your blog, probably through another Alaskan blog. I spent two summers in Bristol Bay (and one of those in Ketchikan as well) canning salmon, and I love the state! I kind of wish I lived there, and since I don't, I like to live vicariously through others. So, thank you for being willing to share!

Angie said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'm sure I arrived here clicking links but I don't remember which ones...maybe a fellow in Florida or Australia? I live in Wisconsin and would like to visit Alaska but Wisconsin has my heart.

Ms. ~K said...

Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing your unique life with all of us all over the world.
Cleveland, GA
(15 miles from Appalachian Trail)

Anonymous said...

Well kiss my doggies Cathy. Like Tim and Karin, we kind of like you too so I check the blog every day.

Dean & Kathleen Westlake

Anonymous said...

"Happy Blogiversary to you, happy blogiversary to you. Happy blogiversary dear tundratantrum, happy blogaversary to you."


Ishmael said...

Happy Second Anniversary, Cathy! You are certainly on my must read list, and apparently that of many others, as you should be!

I think I found you after you left a comment on my blog and I followed your name back to yours and was hooked ever since.

Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

Hi--I'm DN from Julian,Ca. My daughter's family lives near you and I catch your blog every day.  I really enjoy your stories.  Keep it up!!!

Anji Gallanos said...

It's great you are at 2 years. Keep up the great work. You are posting some amazing photos. I am reading from Juneau.

Mrs. Hurzeler said...

Hi. I just moved to Kotzebue about 6 weeks ago. I love it but we know this is a temporary place for us since we will be moving to another small town in Alaska because my husband is getting a higher position with his job. However, Kotzebue is pretty nice, and I hope you have another great year blogging. I know no matter where I live, I will still check in to see how things are going. 5 months ago when I was living in South Central Arizona (!!) I was missing snow. LOL. Seems so funny now doesn't it? Thanks for posting so many pictures, my parents and inlaws come here often.
Mrs. Hurzeler

akfnp said...

Hi Cathy,
Im a fellow AK blogger, transplanted from Maine, via Colorado.
Love checking in on your photos of life way up there.
Happy Blog-o-versary!!!

Anonymous said...

Cathy, I agree with all your other responders...this is really quite entertaining. I live in Colorado, but I am in consideration to move there with the family. The stark difference in locations led me to investigate what life would be like up there. A little searching and TA DAH - there you appeared. I couldn't have asked for a more "like it is" site, so I love to read your commentary and see your pictures. If things progress in my job possibilities, I will email you for some more specifics, if you don't mind.

I haven't been watching for 2 years, but more like 2-3 months. Keep it up - you're pretty much famous!

Bruce in Colo.

Anonymous said...


It's so refreshing to read about life in Alaska from a source other than a tourist brochure. And the pictures, Saying that they are wonderful, just doesn't discribe how beautiful they are.
Take care and give the little guy a hug from me.


Keith in Cadillac said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I have enjoyed your photos and look forward to seeing Kotzebue for myself next month. Your writings have given us so much information about life in the arctic. Thanks for all your effort.

The Force Family said...

Hi Cathy. I was born and raised in Alaska and lived in Kotz for ever. I found your blog searching for pilot bread crackers. I cone to your blog everyday and see what's happening at home.
Nicole and Zaranda

miltos1961 said...

Qoodevening Kathy,from Chios!Your blog is also for me,an every-day need!Be well!

KuskoMama said...

Happy Blogiversary! Saying hello from Bethel... I've been reading for a while and enjoy the similarities between OTZ and BET life.

Bragger said...

Hello from the Deep South! I don't remember how I found your blog, but I check it daily. I love your pictures and your descriptions of life above the Arctic Circle. Happy anniversary!

shu said...

I check in for the photos about twice a week from Osaka, Japan.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay and keep up the blogging. I love it. I grew up in Kotzebue and have lived in Bethel, Homer, Fairbanks, and Kodiak. Your photography is amazing-- you truly have a gift.
Thank you --

PeggymH said...

Hi Cathy,
Since my son and daughter in law moved to Kotzebue recently, I have been following your blog. I love it! The pictures you take are outstanding and your stories are a good read. :0)
I usually check your blog every other day. Thank you & happy blog-a-versary!
Peggy- Bend, OR

Lisa said...

hi Cathy,

just watching nature programmes and wild wilderness stuff and went searching. always been facinated by Alaska but have nothing to hang that on. my picture is probably a fairy tale but as long as there are people wanting unspoilt landscapes we can keep happily dreaming. I am from Britain and currently live in leicester (a midland city). not much unspoilt nature left here im afraid. and not much community either. still, we have errrrrrr....cant think. so, what is day to day really lie and what do you do to make ends meet. are there towns/cities nearby. what is the local produce and how are daily goods transported. do people come to work there for short periods .i.e drs, nurses,teachers etc or do people actively choose it as a life style.



p.s using my wifes account at mo

Carol said...

Hi Cathy,
I really appreciate your blog; I check your blog to see what news and pictures we have from home each day. I miss the big ole blizzard, the 12 feet plus snow banks, this bring me back to when we were young and sledding down them big snow banks. We would take our big sled dog sled over to Fiends Church and a whole bunch of us get on and then slide down the big snow banks. When we get down to the bottom of the banks all the kids would run back up the hill and leave us to push that big ole sled up the hill grrrr lol
Thank you for bringing a little bit of yester year back to us with your pictures.

Bobbie in AK said...


I think I found your blog via KoKon. I live in Anchorage. I couln't find the poll link - did I miss it?

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
You are way too funny, I cracked up so bad about the "why I hate raisins". I really could relate to almost everything on your blog. And the most amazing picture I love was the sunset picture, it took my breath away.Happy Happy Blogiversary!

Harriette said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
You are way too funny, I cracked up so bad reading "why I hate raisins".I LOVE RAISINS! And the most amazing picture I love was the sunset picture, it took my breath away.Happy Happy Blogiversary!

Rick said...

Hello Cathy,
I'm Rick from Tennessee. I absolutely love reading your blog and I check it daily for updates. Found your link on Newsminer one day. Love your photos as I have always wanted to live in AK. It's beautiful! Don't guess I'll ever get to unless I win a lottery or something. Gas here just went over $1.80 and it's killing me. Could never afford the $7.00+ you have to pay up there. Keep the blog coming and Happy Blogiversary!