Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Hate My Computer...

...but it's probably not my computer's fault. I'm, not very nice to it. I back my photos up to disk about once a month but everything is still on the hard drive. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I have a megaton of photos. I'm sure I also have a bunch of worms and trojans and doodads on here that shouldn't be. I keep meaning to transfer all the photos onto my external hard drive and wipe my whole computer out to nothing. I never get around to it so my computer issssss ssssssooooooooooooo sssssllllloooooooooooowwwwwwwww. I don't think I can avoid the chore much longer.

I had a bunch of photos that I wanted to post today but because my computer sucks I only managed to edit two.

I think this is Nuvugraq. It is a seasonal subsistence area about 10 miles from Kotzebue. I could see this without the telephoto lens and wasn't sure what it was. Normally you can not see Nuvugraq so well. Something special about the atmospheric conditions today made it really easy to see.

Another beautiful day.



Peruby said...

Two things come to my mind. First for malware is the latest and greatest (free) program is malwarebytes at

Second thing that comes to mind while I was working on my brother's PC, and after I rebooted, he had a photo program (downloaded from his Kodak camera) that just made the computer crawl.

Look down in the right bottom corner of the task bar and let your mouse hover over each icon.

Shut down any of those that are not needed. I think I'll write up a quick "how-to" this week-end for doing just that. Sounds like a good project.

I will whisper this "Do you have an anti-virus program?" I know. A lot of folks don't, but it is an absolute life saver. I can direct you to a free one, but I don't trust them.

Peruby said...

Oh, and if you do have an anti-virus program, please tell me it isn't Norton 360. Of course if it is, therein lies the problem. :(

Anonymous said...

Cathy, I'm no computer expert, but I swear by my macbook. 'Course, it's still pretty new and I haven't had enough time to clutter it up like the PC. Hope you get your problem solved soon, because I enjoy all your photos.


Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

Three words: GET A MAC! hahahahahaha

Oh, and Nuvuguraq looks pretty awesome from this far away! :)

tundratantrum said...

Get a mac?? I would if you happened to know anyone who would like to buy a couple thousand dollars worth of photos......

Tor said...

Howdy, first of all congrats with a great photoblog.

Taken me ages to try readup on your blog from day 1 but I am slowly getting there :P

Mac vs PC : As a senior "PC technician & virus hunter" for years now I'd like to comment on that.

If its broke, the logo on the front wont matter..

If it works, it wont matter either.

A computer is nothing else than a tool so use what you think works best for you.

However some stuff may be simpler or more fun todo on a mac.

Here I have swapped out most PCs in favour of the Mac pro customized for heavy photo & video editing, but I still start it in Windows mode whenever needed :-)

If you havent solved the pc problem, then try these programs to clean up your Windows.

( As always make a good backup before you do anything. )

First is state of art on killing trojans and similar, second is good to clean out rests of old programs and temp files. Last one defragments the files on your drive (and is very time consuming).

Best regards from Norway,

// Tor , aka

Anonymous said...