Thursday, March 5, 2009

I have decided......

...that if it still looks like this when I wake up in the morning I am going BACK TO BED!!!



Anonymous said...

Nope; it was worse. I went to work and by 7:00, called to say stay home if you work here. !/4 mile visibility somewhere, but not here with the snow from previous blizzards. I had to get out and walk twice before getting back to the truck to feel my way through the roads as well as check to see how deep and far the snow drifts went.
Some smart fella went flying by me in a honking big truck, forgetting that he can only go as far as the first struck vehicle he runs into. I wish him well and hope he packed snacks.


Justin Rummel said...

Made it into the district office via snowgo. I'm guessing my flight to Kiana this afternoon is going to be canceled.