Monday, March 31, 2008

Link 5

I have been tagged for this meme by My Fairbanks Life . The rules for this meme are as follows. Go through your archives and link to five of your favourite posts that pertain to the following categories. Then pass it along to five other bloggers, two of them should be people you know but could stand to learn something about, and the others can be new friends.

Link one must be a post about family.

Oh geez....I don't really post much of anything about my family do I? Well it's not that I don't love my family....I just don't, for whatever reason, blog about them much.......with the exception of Uyaana. So here is a post about me, Uyaana, and Kaija playing out.

Link two must be a post about friends.

This post is about my friend Kathy

Link three must be a post about yourself.

This is 100 Things About Me in honor of my 100th post.

Link four must be a post about something you love.

Here is a picture of the boy that I love in the land that I love. Uyaana at Anigaaq.

Link five can be a post about anything you choose.

This will be two links. I get the most google hits from these two posts. I always wonder what people are looking for when they search for Sailor Boy Pilot Bread Crackers. Well, if you want to know what they are you can find that out here. If you would like to find out where to buy them you can find that out here.

Now, here's the five people I tag for this meme. Sorry if you have already been tagged in the past.

First I tag Becky at Stuck in Frump, Striving for Fab. I wish I could write like you Becky. I struggle to produse the few words I do. I'm better at photography than writing.

Second I tag Cabin Dweller or Flic the Bic at FieryBlazingHandbasket. Can't say not knowing if they'll play along...but I like their blog and wanted send people their way. You never sent for your sheefish cabindweller.

Third I tag Karen at Travelin' with (and sometimes against) the Wind. Her enthusiasm for moving to Alaska reminds me of me over 10 years ago.

Fourth I tag Bobbie at Virtual Scratchpad and The Right Blue. Bobbie lives in Hawaii and The Right Blue features her beautiful diving pics.

Fifth I double dog tag Ish at the Kodiak Konfidential cuz it's late, I'm tired, I can't think of anyone else. You know you wanna.


Theresa said...

This was awesome. Thanks for playing along. Just so you know, I didn't google pilot bread to find you, but reading your posts about it is what made me come back. Happy Travels.

Bobbie said...

Okay, now that you've tagged me (you rascal), I guess I will play. Just give me a few days to put it all together. I'll let you know when it's ready. ;-}


Bobbie said...

Okay, I had a little time this afternoon, so I plowed ahead with the meme. Here ya go:

Meme: Link 5 (with a 'Right Blue' twist)


CabinDweller said...

Okay, am finally back and willing to play along.

I did write about sheefish, but maybe my email got corralled by your spaminator?

But all my travel plans to that part of the world got changed due to work project type changes, and mine and others own personal stuff. So I still haven't been back yet.

Oh, and I think the last time I was in the wonderful Land of Otz, your dog was barking at me. :) But that is another story.