Monday, January 7, 2008

Sailor Boy Blues

Some of you may have read my previous post on Sailor Boy Pilot Crackers. These indestructible crackers have been an Alaska bush staple for many years. These buggers could give the fabled shelf life of a Twinkie a run for it's money. Little did I know that post would become my biggest generator of Google hits. And here I thought people came to my blog for my nice pictures, witty humor, good looks and charm. Alas, no.....they come for crackers.

These hits come from people from all over.....Shady Cove Oregon, Kenmore Washington, Pocahontas Arkansas, New York City, and Paris Tennessee to name a few. I get at least one pilot cracker hit a day. The only thing I can think of is that they are poor displaced Alaskans jonesing for a snack. Poor things.....lost bush souls floating around like flotsam and jetsam in the big Outside.

I pity the poor fellas who no longer live in our great state and can't just pop over to the store and pick up a blue box of crunchy goodness....but there is hope!!!!!! Span Alaska Sales sells Sailor Boy Pilot Crackers in bulk. So, those of you who come here drawn by memories of pilot cracker and Akutaq....or pilot cracker and goober.....or pilot cracker and smoked oysters ( favorite)....know that you need no longer suffer. Head on over to Span Alaska and order yourself a half case of Home.


mpb said...

At the other end of Capt. Cook's travels (South Pacific) our Pilot Bread is known as Cabin Bread and comes in enormous tins that then make good drums for Pacific cricket games.

(Different manufacturers)

Becky said...

I believe I've had those before.

By the way, I left you something on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Poor displaced Ahtna athapascan in Ohio (!!!) who loo-o-ongs for Pilot "Bread" (according to my mom)with any kind of soup--but sadly, no moose soup here....