Sunday, January 27, 2008

We are having another blizzard. Well more of a blow than a blizzard as the visibility is still pretty good at 5 miles but the wind is 37-45 mph. The last blizzard had a lot more snow in it.

The good new is it looks like it is going to warm up a bit next week. Maybe I'll get a chance to take the snowmachine (snogo) out in the country without freezing my butt off. I don't ride around on the snogo much until February. The days are too short before that. I like to ride around and see the scenery, not ride around in the dark.

Since today was another indoor day I decided to try and cut the boredom by playing with my camera (instead of doing homework which I have PLENTY of). Here are a couple shots that I took.

This is a shell I picked up off the beach at Sealing Point (Cape Krusenstern National Monument. I set up a piece of Aluminum foil on the coffee table to use as a foreground/backdrop. I used a single votive candle (Yankee Candle Siberian Silver Fir, YUM)for light. I put my camera on the tripod and experimented with shutter speeds. I like what I got, but I am not pleased with the amount of noise. The ISO was pretty high at 1600. Not sure how to adjust that yet.

I had the same problem here. This is a green jar filled with sea glass from the beach at South Tent City here in Kotzebue. I put the candle behind the jar to give it a bit of glow. I think it would be a really nice photo if I could do it again with less noise.


Shauna said...

Love the Shell picture. I stared and stared, trying to figure out how you got the 'reflection' look. Then I read it below. LOL! Very creative!

Becky said...

Great pictures. That's a great use of stuck-at-home-time...getting familiar with all the bells and whistles on that fancy camera, because your photos are going to be in magazines and books one day. They're that good. You have a great eye for composition and your photos are always very interesting.

Bobbie said...

Hah! I collect sea glass, too. Do you find much blue? That's the rarest color here. Even more rare than red, for some reason. Great job with that shell photo. (Do some more like that, please.)