Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday 13-What's Playing

Just the other day I was having a conversation with a a friend of mine about ilnesses. I said that it had bee years since I had the REAL flu or strep. Well I am paying for that statement right now....I have the flu. Fever, chills, head and body aches, cough....the REAL flu. I can sit up for about 15 minutes before I have to go lay down.

For Thursday 13, because I am sick and tired, I decided to do something which doesn't take any thought. I took my iPod, pressed shuffle, and wrote down the first 13 songs it played.....NO CHEATING. It was kind of fun so I went to 20 before I ran out of steam. Here's what I got.......

1. Away From The Sun, Three Doors Down
2. Higher Ground, Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Fly Like an Eagle, Seal
4. Seven, Prince
5. Over My Head, Fleetwood Mac
6. Bless the Broken Road, Rascal Flatts (I almost cheated and denied this was on my iPod)
7. Savin’ Me, Nickleback
8. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C Minor Op.67 Allegro Con Brio
9. Rock Lobster, B-52’s….(this song ROCKS!)
10. Your Body is a Wonderland, John Mayer
11. Hungry Like the Wolf, Duran Duran….(hubba hubba)
12. Hymm L’Amour, Edith Piaff
13. Family Affair, Mary J. Blige (geez who put that there)

Here's the extras......

14. Live to Tell, Madonna
15. Black and White, Three Dog Night
16. Babylon, David Gray
17. Big Country, Big Country
18. You Learn, Alanis Morissette
19. Far Behind, Candlebox
20. Never Going Back, Fleetwood Mac (AGAIN!)

So there will be no new photos until I get better, but I have some older ones I can go through.


Open Grove Claudia said...

You have really diverse taste. Good for you - is there something you like about each of these songs in particular?

Happy TT

Anonymous said...

That is a fun game, and yours is fascinating.

Feel better!

Penelope Anne said...

I love your musical tastes, I have an eclectic blend of music I listen too also....from heavy metal to classical. No Ipod though, think I need one of those.
Feel better soon, no fun being sick.
My post is up for the week:
Peace, love, and Mama Bear Hugs.

Becky said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! We just had that miserable stuff around here, too. Ugh.

Oh, man...Hungry Like A Wolf! That song takes me back to hanging with my friend Lissa back in the day, lol.

Great TT list.

DrillerAA said...

My mp3 crashed and burned last week, or I might just try this. Of course no one would recognize much of what would be on mine.

Alaska huh? Toooooo cold for me.

Happy TT

Jeannine said...

I do like your style! Very Eclectic (my favorite word at the moment...LOL)

AJ Chase said...

All great songs. Now I want to do the same thing.

Nicholas said...

It's nice to see Edith Piaf get a mention!

Joyful Days said...

As already stated, very eclectic and I would enjoy the playlist a lot!!

Feel better!