Friday, January 25, 2008

I seem to have hit the wall with blog posts. The flu really knocked me out and I'm still recovering. I haven't spent much time outside since I have been sick. Being out in the cold air still makes me cough, so I haven't been taking pictures outside. I'm wondering how long it will take to get back to normal. I's still longing for April weather. Watch out, you'll end up with a months worth of sheefish pics.

Without pictures to post I am at a loss at what to write about. Sooo I guess I'll take requests. Anyone have any questions they are dying to ask??? Any picture they want to see??? Anything? Throw me some suggestions otherwise I'm going to bore you all to death and you've stuck with me this long, I'd hate to lose you.


Anonymous said...

How about some Shee fish, and if you have any, some Hee fish.I'm looking for some equality here. LOL

Becky said...

How do you keep warm with frost inside your home?

How warm does it get there in the spring and summer?

Do you have neighbors nearby?

How big is your community? Are there many other families?

Talk about a shopping trip. How long do you generally go between trips to WalMart, for instance, and how long do you generally need to stock up for where groceries are concerned?

Have you ever happened upon a bear while out and about with your son?

What do people in your community do for entertainment or fun, or do they tend to keep to themselves?

When your family sends care packages, what are the things you generally look forward to most?

Do you enjoy fishing or hunting?

Okay, is that enough to get you started again? ;0)

And there is nothing 'boring' about discussing your ordinary daily activities, because it's interesting! Hearing how you 'eke' out a living up there in the tundra is so much different from people hopping in cars and going to stores's kind of refreshing, really. And when you talked about your photography show in the gym, and your friend that sold her handcrafted items? That gives us on the 'outside' a glimpse of life in the North.

Keep it up,'s all good!

Ishmael said...

I once had a very bad cold -- perhaps the worst I ever had -- and found myself in Kotzebue for the Region 1 basketball tournament. The windchill was 103 below when we landed but the next day was clear and calm -- but nearly 70 below (this was pre-global warming). So what did we do? We walked from the school to the Dairy Queen for lunch. By the next morning I was cured. I'm sure the icy air killed all the germs in my body. Now that I'm older, I'm just glad I didn't get pneumonia.