Friday, January 18, 2008

100th Post!!!

I'm still sick. Not quite as wretched as before, but still pretty bad. I have asthma so I have to be careful about things like the flu turning into pneumonia. Since my inhaler was getting low and my asthma getting worse I figured I better go to the clinic and get checked out. Hahaha.....I'm so dumb. I should have gone to the ER after hours like I was originally planning on would have saved me the hassle. The good news it I don't have pneumonia, the bad new is I had to spend almost 6 hours at the clinic to find this out. If I had gone to the ER early this morning I could have been seen and gotten my inhaler in probably less than 2 hours. I felt like Typhoid Mary sitting in the waiting room infecting the whole Northwest Arctic with my disease. The place was plum full of elders and babies, just the sort of folks you don't want marinating in my Flu germs. I signed into blogger I saw that this was to be my 100th post. Wow. Whoever would have thought that I would stick to blogging that long. So, in honor of my 100th post I have decided to do the 100 Things About Me thingie.

1. I was born in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.
2. I grew up in Peyton Place. Really.
3. We had a first grade teacher who used to tie children to their chairs with nylons.
4. Thankfully I was in the OTHER 1st grade class.
5. When I was little I was on the Uncle Gus Show.
6. I bet you don’t know what the Uncle Gus Show is.
7. I love 80's music.
8. I also love show tunes.
9. I am not ashamed.
10. I have one brother and one sister
11. I am 4052 days younger than my sister.
12. I am 2246 days younger than my brother.
13. I am 12,882 days old
14. I have 9 cousins.
15. I have 8 nephews and 2 neices….I think.
16. The kindest person I ever knew was my gramma Nella.
17. My Gramma Nella used to catch hornets in the house with her hands and put them outside
18. I love Alaska.
19. I will never live in any other state ever again.
20. Sometimes I feel I am out of the loop with my family in the lower 48.
21. My favorite place is the Noatak River.
22. My favorite months in arctic alaska are April, July and September
23. I have nightmares where I have left Alaska and I am trying to get back but I can’t.
24. When I was a kid I didn’t like Barbies because they couldn’t sit right on my Breyer horses.
25. My He Man action figure could
26. One of my favorite toys was legos.
27. The first boy I ever kissed was named Jeff White.
28. He was from Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
29. I was ummmmmm….12?
30. How embarrassing.
31. I hope he doesn’t read this wherever he is….hahahahahahahahaha.
32. I graduated high school in 1990.
33. I hate math.
34. I cannot type without looking at the keyboard.
35. That’s what I get for cheating during Mrs. Ballou's high school typing class.
36. Watching people type without looking at the keyboard fills me with envy.
37. The adult who most positively shaped my high school years was Scott Piddington.
38. I wonder if he knows this? Thanks Scott.
39. I had chicken pox when I was three.
40. I once met Sean Penn.
41. He’s an ass.
42. I thought I would fill this list out in some kind of order.
43. I realize now my Attention Defecit Disorder makes that impossible.
44. I can’t believe I have made it this far down the list.
45. I have never broken a bone.
46. I like to take pictures.
47. Sometimes they look nice.
48. I’m not much of a writer.
49. I often struggle to write in my blog.
50. I have had 4 surgeries on my left knee.
51. I need one more.
52. I have been putting it off.
53. Knee surgery sucks.
54. I am a professional procrastinator.
55. That sometimes causes me stress.
56. I mean well.
57. I am a loyal friend.
58. Sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth.
59. I am loud.
60. I’m sure that can be annoying.
61. My earliest memory of a family pet was our dog Matthew.
62. He was some kind of mutt.
63. When I was a kid I was obsessed with horses.
64. I read every Black Stallion book Walter Farley ever wrote.
65. I am friendly but reserved with my friendship.
66. I make lists
67. I always forget my lists
68. I am a Libra but don’t believe in astrology.
69. My favorite book is A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving.
70. I am listening to the book The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan on my iPod
71. I love Grey’s Anatomy
72. …and CSI
73. …and CSI New York
74. …and Cold Case
75. I often DVR a show and then forget to watch it.
76. I take my son to Kindergym on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
77. I like scrapbooking…..
78. but I never get around to doing it.
79. My favorite drink is Diet Pepsi
80. Dr. Pepper is yucky
81. So is any other kind of cherry flavored cola.
82 I loath raisins.
83. Cooked raisins are worse.
84. Liver is gross.
85. I love feta cheese.
86. I dislike being photographed.
87. I do not have very many pictures of myself.
88. I am terrible with names.
89. I can be pretty bad with faces too.
90. I like looking in people’s windows whele driving down the road and seeing inside and wondering what those people are like.
91. No, I am not creepy.
92. Reading people’s blogs is like looking into windows.
93. I spend too much time reading blogs.
94. I can spend 3 hours in Walmart, no sweat.
95. I wear size 10 shoes
96. I am not a grudge holder.
97. I do not own any dresses or skirts.
98. I like my job.
99. It took a long time to think of 100 things
100. but not as long as I thought it would.


Joyful Days said...

Happy 100! Here's to 100 more.

I cannot believe you grew up in Peyton Place. I'm familiar with that. However, no clue about Uncle Gus. Was he like Miss Janet?

Hope you mend & feel better soon.



Pam's Place said...

Congratulations on 100 posts on your blog. I enjoyed reading your "100 Things about Me" and look forward to learning more about you as I keep checking in here. I dont read too many blogs regularly, but I do enjoy yours. Keep up the good work!

Get better soon!

Becky said...

Great list!

Loved the one about looking in people's homes, followed promptly by, "I'm not creepy", LOL!

I do the same thing.

Tracy said...

I do the same thing with people's windows! Does that make us both creepy? lol

And I'm with you on the Pepsi, except I don't drink the diet. My husband loves Dr Pepper--gross. But down here it's a very popular soda being made here and all.