Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Give Me a Break

I am not the kind of blogger who usually writes about Alaska politics. I don't really have enough interest in politics or the intestinal fortitude to debate about it at any length. I'll leave that kind of thing to Ish over at Kodiak Konfidential...but today I read something so dumb I can't pass it by. This morning in the Anchorage Daily News there was an article titled Gift of Kidney to Ailing Lawmaker Against the Rules .

State Rep. Richard Foster (Nome) needs a kidney. The article states that "his many friends at the state Capitol want to do more than send flowers. A half-dozen offered to donate their kidneys to the ailing legislator. Sue Stancliff, an aide to Fairbanks Rep. Mike Kelly, appears to be a match."

What a lucky guy to have so many people wanting to give him such a life saving gift. Things are looking up for Mr. Foster.....right??? WRONG!

I don't know how many people outside of Alaska are familiar with the shenanigans of our state lawmakers recently, AKA
The Corrupt Bastards Club . The ADN article explains,

"Alaska lawmakers tightened the ethics laws last year following the FBI raids on legislative offices and the criminal charges against former legislators. The changes included stricter limits on the gifts that state legislators can receive.The Legislature did insert a "compassionate gift" exemption into the law to cover items meant as comfort in times of tragedy or a health emergency. But even those gifts can't be worth more than $250, and donating a kidney is figured to be worth more than that."

You have got to be kidding me!!!! We are talking about a life saving kidney transplant....not a complete house remodel or a few acres on the Kenai! The last time I checked the brokering of organs for profit is illegal in the United States so I don't know how they can put a monetary value on a KIDNEY. I understand the stricter limits on "gifts" to legislators, but I highly doubt some lobbyist from BP is going to say to a state lawmaker "hey buddy, vote against big oil taxes and I'll give you my left lung."

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Becky said...

I'd heard about that in passing on the news, but didn't realize it was in Alaska.

That is unbelievable! My brother-in-law waited in vain for a Kidney match for over 10 years. He was eventually taken off the list because his health has gotten to the point where likely wouldn't survive the surgery.

To deny a person something they need is like denying a drowning man a life preserver.