Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thirteen Reasons Why My State is Better Than Yours

13. 24 hours of daylight from mid April to mid August. I wake up out at camp and don't know if it's 2am or 2pm...who cares!

12. No snakes! Not one. No fleas least not in the arctic. My dog is happy about that.

11. The Noatak River.

10. Muktuk!

9. We have the best ice fishing ever. Where else can you go ice fishing and catch a three and a half foot long, 25 pound fish at 10pm in broad daylight??

8. The Northern Lights! We have plenty of dark in the winter to watch them.

7. No light polution. At night the stars are so bright. I never new there were than many stars in the sky til I moved to Alaska.

6. Caribiou hunting season is 12 months least it is in the Northwest Arctic.

5. The Iditarod.

4. No state income tax.

3. This year the Stat of Alaska paid me $1,654 just to live and everyone else in my household....and every other man, woman or child who has lived in the state at least one year. Next year it will be more (we hope).

2. Miles and miles of remote wilderness.

1. Our Governor is hotter than your Governor.


Robin said...

I dream of seeing the Northern Lights someday, and 24 hours of sunshine would be heaven if you could just make sure that it stayed 80 degrees the whole time. After nearly 20 years in Israel I don't do cold very well anymore LOL.

Katia said...

Awesome. I'd love to visit Alaska and see the Northern lights!

But psst. We (in Montana) don't have sales tax. That's way better, in my estimation, than no state income tax! ;-)

And.... now I have to go look up your governor. *zoom*

Happy TT!

Playful Professional said...

Okay, you win.

Anonymous said...

Hello from AZ! I admit, your governor is hotter! But our temps are WAY hotter. Wait, that's not a good thing...

Becky said...

I hadn't thought about the no snakes, no fleas thing before, lol. Definitely a plus.

And the Northern Lights...a spectacular sight!

The Mama Bear said...

Someday I do want to come visit, but I am not staying...I think WI is better. Nice TT though, if interested mine is up at The Cafe.

Tasina said...

Great list. I had to google your gov just to see. Yeah you win that one!

Nicholas said...

No state in come tax in my state either! The Northern Lights are amazing. i saw them in Alberta many years ago and was enthralled. I'd love to visit Alaska again, but #6 is no attraction to me at all. The ability to kill things that have done me no harm at all would only attract very unpleasant people.

tasha said...

Wow, I don't know much about Alaska -- sounds like a place I'll have to visit, or live, lol! #3 is a nice lure! Happy TT!

Ishmael said...

Very Nice!

I agree with them all!

chanpheng said...

Great list. I'll have to say that ice fishing is not even a thought here.