Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dan Snyder Sr. Memorial Race Day 2

Here's some pics from day 2 of the races.

Here's Uncle Bung taking off.]

Cyrus coming in to the finish. This is a three day, one 16 mile heat each day race. Each musher takes off seperated by 2 minutes. The overall winner is determined by their combined time for all three days, so just because a musher physically comes in first does not mean he is first by time.

This is Cyrus and Joanne's little future musher.

The announcer is keeping us informed on everybody's time.

Here's Buddoo"s finish. He is first overall by time so far with a three second lead over Paul. We will see if he can hold that lead tomorrow. I will be back down on the ice taking pictures tomorrow. I will also have a more detailed write up of the whole race as I am sending one in for the weekly paper (maybe they will print it).


Becky said...

Good for you, girl...sending in an article to the paper!! As they say around here, "Git on with yo bad self!"

Seriously...they are nuts if they don't print it. You capture everything perfectly. Photojournalist Cathy, on the job!

I've been reading all this mushing stuff to my family (we've always enjoyed Balto), and have even mentioned your blog to some friends from church who share an interest in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Ya! You rock girl