Monday, January 26, 2009

Ok, so not much going on lately. There was a dog race on Saturday, not sure which one because I wasn't able to go to it. My truck was having issues and I needed to get it into the shop. I dropped it off at Polar Auto and Dan had it under control in a couple hours. He changed the rear pinion seal, and replaced the right front CV joint, fixed the 4 wheel drive and checked all the fluid levels. They charged $110 for labor, ouch, but Dan is a good mechanic and he is fast. He only had my truck for three hours and charged me 2 hours of labor plus parts. I'm not complaining because I thought the rattling under the truck was something much worse. The 4 wheel drive has been broken since I bought the truck and it is soooo much better now that it works. No more spinning tires on all the icy roads.

Uyaana and I took the dogs out today so they could run around and I took a few pictures. It was an overcast day so they are pretty dark.







Arvay said...

Such joyful kids you have! All three of them!

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yeah..they're adorable!

Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

dark?! Look at mine! Although all my pictures are being taken on my blackberry camera!!! :) They'll do.

Looks so cold in Kotzebue...ugh