Monday, January 12, 2009

KDMA 8 Dog #1......part 2

Here are the photos of the racers coming in for the finish during yesterday's race. I am posting the pics in the order that they came in...remember this is not necessarily the order that they placed. I will post the places and times after the photos.

Buddoo Gallahorn.


Cyrus Harris.

Here comes paul Hansen with Ricky Wells behind him.

Paul coming into the finish.

Ricky Wells.

Joanne Harris.

John Goodwin.

Heath Caro.

1st Place: Buddo Gallahorn 38 minutes 9 seconds
2nd Place: Paul Hansen 38 minutes 54 seconds
3rd Place: Cyrus Harris 39 minutes 46 seconds
4th Place: Joanne Harris 42 minutes 11 seconds
5th Place: Ricky Wells 43 minutes 27 seconds
6th Place: John Goodwin 45 minutes 11 seconds
7th Place: Heath Caro 54 minutes 5 seconds


Arvay said...

I'm not sure which is cuter--the red booties, or that so many of those dogs are looking at YOU! Were you the only spectator? :D

gail said...

Amazing, I can't even imagine. Did you see that Jill finished the GinGin ( I am amazed at the men, but even more amazed at the women because I am one and there is NO WAY!

Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

You failed to mention that the temperature was minus 27 below with a slight 4 mph breeze...making the wind chill horrific!

But, we went out to watch anyway. I got some good shots for nana! :) yay me.