Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Smarty Boy

Uyaana made high honor roll again this last semester. There was an awards ceremony today at school...unfortunately he was at home in bed with strep throat and didn't get to go. I told him that if he got all A's next quarter he could pick out 2 new Wii games. For his prize this quarter he picked out some Pokemon toys. He was very excited about that.

Uyaana has also been eating up the chapter books lately. He just started My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George. After that I think he is planning on starting the Inkspell series. He's already read the whole Edgar and Ellen series since thanksgiving along with a few others. I'm glad he loves to read. I have always loved reading too, but I am terrible at math. Hopefully he won't have that problem.


angie said...

Way to go Uyaana! We loved "My Side of the Mountain". I hope you do too.

Cuz said...

My smarty nephew!
I am a very proud auntie.
We have always been a big reader family so it's great to see it continue in the kids.

Becky said...

Good work, Uyaana!

I love when kids catch the reading 'bug' and stick with it!

I imagine that reading would be especially nice for long winter evenings in Alaska.

Funny, I just looked down at the Word Verification thingie, and it said, "Merit"...in honor of Uyaanas achievements, I suppose.

Hire Intelligence said...

The most important job in the world is "MOM". Good on ya.

Buffy said...

Good for him!!!! I wish I could come over and play wii with you guys!