Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hello, is it April yet??

Really, I would settle for March. I always think of November through March as the price I have to pay for April through September, but come the end of January it really gets old. The days are getting longer but not quite fast enough for my liking. I'm getting kind of tired of taking dark dreary photos, and I'm sure people are getting tired of looking at them. And I'm pretty tired of sticking around town too. I love March and April because the weather is not so frigid. Good traveling weather for riding around the country...and shee fishing out on the ice. I can't wait for sheefish.



Keith in Cadillac said...

Maybe you could share some of your great pictures of the past taken in the sunshine. We would enjoy them and the memories may warm you in this January cold.
Do you have a favorite recipe for preparing Sheefish?

Becky said...

I could never get tired of your photos. Even the photos that are frigid cold and dreary are very much slice-of-life Alaska, and you've got such a knack for composition (or should I say SKILLZ?) that nope...I just couldn't get tired of them.

I, too, am wondering about your favorite Sheefish recipe...

Margaret said...

mmmm..mmmm sheefish. We miss it. And it turned out our favorite recipe was just bake it and eat it. Love the taste. Give Uyanna a high five from us. Guess he could be your sunshine ;)

Thanks for writing and posting photos. You're a joy.