Friday, August 29, 2008

The World is at Sixes and Sevens...Well at Least Alaska Is

It seems Alaska has been dragged into the spotlight and the reaction is mixed. I have spoken to a few people this morning and opinions have ranged from "Good Grief" to "Go Palin". The forum is popping like firecrackers, Alaska blogs have gone crazy. Ish over at Kodiak Konfidential reported 5 figure hits at only 7am this morning. Even my humble little hovel on the Internet is getting bombarded with hits.

I think that some people are less concerned with what this means for America and more concerned with what this means for Alaska. I Like Sarah and (although there are many who I am sure would disagree) felt that she was getting things done in this state and I was looking forward to seeing what else she would do.

I have some other feelings....and that's what they are, more feelings than opinions.

-I have a feeling that Palin is gonna get raked through the coals with the trooper thing. CNN is already mumbling about it.

-I have a feeling that Sarah's debate skills are not up to par with Biden's and he is going to chew her up and spit her out like a piece of bad muktuk. I'd hate to see that cause like I said, I like Sarah.

-I have a feeling that we are going to hear all about how much money we are getting in the PFD and the extra $1,200 on top of that and people are going to start wagging their tongues without fully understanding where that money comes from and why. I mean really, most of the United States hasn't half a CLUE about Alaska. ("Sorry we don't ship outside of the continental United States." Well geez, last time I checked I did live in North America. It's not my fault people don't know the difference between "continental" and "contiguous") Now there are going to be millions of people with half a clue making half ass presumptions about the place that I call home. Maybe that is what is causing my unease...the spotlight. Is that dumb? Probably.



laura said...

Thank you for helping me put my own feelings into words. Dazed and uneasy pretty much covers it. I didn't vote for her but thought Sarah was acquiting herself fairly well up until Troopergate. (And even that wouldn't be so bad if she would just admit that inappropriate things were done for personal reasons. No one lives forty-four years without making a few errors in judgment. I respect honesty alot more than excuses.) But like you I feel that Sarah belongs in Juneau, not Washington. Love your blog, especially the photos.

Bobbie in AK said...

I don't know if you read AK Anonymous, but there is a lot of coverage over there, including a good article from CNN.

KC said...

This is my big worry - Palin getting raked through the coals is her own doing. But I've already heard people just mauling Alaska and Alaskans. I've heard pundits on the radio all but calling Alaskans a bunch of Inebriates who subsist on PDF cheques and welfare.

Like you said, they don't /get/ here. It's not dumb. Because those millions of people without a quarter of a clue are going to be telling us how to run our state. Which is exactly what the state needs, obviously. And they can out-vote us in Washington.

dongshow said...

your last bullet sums up my feelings exactly. Will be quite funny. Following it in the foreign press will be especially enlightening. The articles in Le Figaro, and the Guardian made me laugh a bit.

Anonymous said...


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