Friday, August 22, 2008

Rebroadcast of Clean Water Debate

TODAY- at 5:30pm KOTZ Radio here in Kotzebue will be rebroadcasting the debate that was held on wedneday on the upcoming state ballot measures on mining regulations and clean water here in Alaska. This is a really big issue for all Alaskans regardless of what side you are on.

Present at the debate were representitives from Alaskans For Clean Water , Alaskans Against the Mining Shutdown , and Teck Cominco

The radio station tried hard to keep the discussion civil but despite their best efforts there was quite a bit of arguing going on....some of it quite snarky.

Once again, you can listen to a rebroadcast of the debate on the upcoming ballot measure 4, today, at 5:30pm, on Kotz radio. You can listen LIVE online HERE.


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RunninL8 said...

Damn, missed it! This whole clean water vs. mining shutdown IS quite the volitile subject!