Thursday, August 28, 2008

DSL? What DSL??

I remember reading not long ago that Alaska has the slowest internet speeds in the United States. I bet that Kotzebue has the slowest internet in Alaska. For 256K Download Speed I pay $65 per month. I went over to and tested my connection. It said that my download speed was 231k (I think it must be a good day) but my upload speed was a measly rotten 61k...which brings me to the whole purpose of this post. I was TRYING to upload pics to post to the blog but I couldn't get anything to I give up. I will give it a try tomorrow at work where the internet is 5 times faster than the crap I buy from


Bragger said...

Wow, and we complain about OURS being slow. I'll try to remember that it could be worse. :)

I love your pictures. I've always wanted to visit Alaska. Keep posting, even if it does take forever!

Loon said...

Yikes! And to think we pay half as much for twice as fast - I'm so sorry, I do feel you pain!

Love your blog - I'm a "wannabe musher" from Iowa.

And I am obsessed with Alaska!

Keep feeding my habit...