Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fried Porcupine

Ok, so after working 24 hours a day for 8 days in Portland I decided I needed some R&R (No, not the beverage). So on Friday we headed out to Kobuk Lake (Hotham Inlet). We will be gone until Tuesday evening. Right now we are at Iten's dogsitting for Ed and Ruth. The Iten's sattelite internet is way slower than mine so I am having a bit of trouble uploading photos. Instead of using photobucket for my pictures I am going to have to upload them straight to blogger so the photos will be smaller.

First stop was Auntie Allie's camp. Allie and Buddoo are year round camp folks out on Kotbuk Lake. By the time we got there we were plenty hungry and Allie was cooking up some porcupine.

I have had baked porcupine with barbecue sauce before. It was an old pokie fella so he tasted a bit piney. According to Allie this was a nice fat young one and he wasn't piney at all, he was delicious. She fried her's in Crisco with flour onion and garlic salt and pepper. Mmmmm!

So we had quite the spread, fried porcupine, sourdough hotcakes, blackmeat and seal oil with beluga muktuk and leftover roast caribou. You can always count on Allie to feed you up right.


Conchscooter said...

My Nicaraguan colleague actually smacked his lips when I mentioned fried porcupine. Me? muktuk (whatever that is) and porcupine washed down with seal oil? Ack. Fascinating stuff- from a distance.

Ryanne said...

i don't think I would ever have thought of eating one of our quilly friends. Sounds interesting to try. I have had rattle snake and fried worms, squid, and snails to name a few, so I guess I shouldn't knock it until I try it. Sorry about the slow connection. Can you believe my sister still has dial up and won't upgrade to high speed? Crazy eh?

Daemon3030 said...

Jeez, all I had for dinner was steak, and jumbo shrimp in garlic butter sauce. I feel like I'm missing out. Oh, and I had jellybeans, too!

Jumpa said...

If I could skin that bad boy I think I could cook it. Never taisted it befor but have heard its great survival food. Caught one once under my snow shoe in very deep snow. Great post and Im looking for road kill.