Friday, December 4, 2009

This and That


So I am back from Anchorage. I saw the knee doc and we are going to "wait and see". There is definitely something in there that is catching, and now sometimes locking, in the knee joint. Normally they could go in and take whatever it is out, but since I had that bad infection last July he really doesn't want to go cutting my knee open yet. I understand his reluctance. Infections like that have a way of hiding dormant in your body waiting for an opportunity to take hold again. If I were to get an infection inside the joint of my knee it would be a very serious problem. So we are going to wait and see if the problem gets worse or stays the same. Obviously if it gets worse we will eventually have to do something about it.

Today I am registering for next semesters classes. I will be taking ANOTHER algebra class (one down two to go,)Lifespan Development, and Academic Writing for Social and Natural Sciences. Yee Haw. I guess it will be another busy semester.

I am hearing that there is a "big" storm headed this way. No0 active storm warning yet for Kotzebue at the weather service but they don't usually issue those til the track of the storm is more apparent. We'll see what it does. The Catholic Church's Christmas Bazaar is scheduled for tonight and tomorrow. I should have some photos to post of that tomorrow.



Lisa said...

I hope things with your knee improve. Surgery stinks, especially when you've had multiple ones. Looking forward to pics of the bazaar and if you do get a storm, please feel free to send some snow to the Mat-Su area. While we have gotten cold temps again there isnt any snow in our forecast for the next week :(

JackDaddy said...

I hope your knee feels better soon! It can't be easy managing a home when you're not able to run after everyone!

Trish said...

ack!! I hope your knee get's better on it's own.

we were supposed to have a big storm last night, but nothing materialized. now it's 39 and raining! ruining all of our beautiful snow.

have fun at the bazaar!