Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gingerbread House


While I was in Anchorage I picked up a gingerbread house kit at Costco.

These are supposed to be really easy to put together and come with all the goodies to decorate it. I thought it would be fun for Uyaana, he had one last year too.

Of course, guess who ends up doing most of the putting together?? Not Uyaana. I was thinking I don't remember the process being such a lengthy pain in the butt last year.

Then I reemmbered that last year Uyaana's dad helped him put it together. No Wonder. And no wonder it came out so much better last year.

I'm like that nightmare contractor you hear about in people's stories. The shoddy workmanship....

...the unfinished landscaping...

...the sinking foundation and uneven walls.

I mean the dormer supposed to look like that???

Some things are better left to dad.



Anji Gallanos said...

Hey...we just bought the same house at Costco today. I'm having a massive sugar craving attack tonight and thought I would sneak into the box while the kids slept..but they might notice if the roof is missing. Hope your doing great!!


Finnskimo said...

Did you build my house??!??

Trish said...

the great thing about gingerbread houses are that they don't HAVE to look perfect!

believe it or not I have a house kit and a tree kit that I bought last year on after christmas clearance for SUPER cheap (like maybe $1.99 each) and I have toted them from vancouver to Kotz to Dillingham. we are going to do them nest weekend!

miss you!

Anonymous said...

they have the same kit over at Rotmans...probably triple the price...but it's over there.

Anonymous said...

That's the best part about Ginger Bread Houses. They're all unique and and amusing.
Merry, Merry!!

Becky said...

I think it looks great!

Kinda makes me want to go and bake some gingerbread. Mmmmmm.

JackDaddy said...

You might want to try Elmer's Glue next time! :)

Anonymous said...

It's your excellent photography that arrests every little detail. If I took a picture of my gingerbread house it would seem perfect just cause I can't take good pictures and it would be fuzzy, I can't even focus, so I cheat and buy autofocus. Thank you for your blog, we all enjoy it.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

I'm building a gingerbread farm this year. Complete with chickens. EIEIO.


Arvay said...

You are awesome! :)