Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The LAST Bazaar

Ok. I promise these are the last of the bazaar photos as this was the last holiday bazaar of the year. It was held at the Boy's and Girls Club on Saturday Dec. 19th.

Here are some of the photos from my table. I am pretty much wiped out of inventory now.

More hats.

This is new...and eskimo hunter cross stitch.

More jewelry.

A Chihuahua. Oops...he's not for sale.

The young lady in the middle is Carrie. She said to me "yopur not putting this in the blog are you??" Guess what?

These tables had all sorts of stuff.

Wolf pelts and canvas mukluks.

Christine's pickled salmon bellies. Yum!

pendants made with mammoth ivory.

Tiny little handmade sleds.

Mammoth ivory bracelets.

Fox hats made by Sophie.

Yarn socks! Looooove yarn socks!

So that's it. No more holiday bazaar photos til next year.



JackDaddy said...

A blue fox hat??
Boy, it must be cold up there! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun shopping! Lots of neat handmade items for sale!


Keith Johnson said...

I was very pleased on Christmas morning when I opened a gift from my daughter and found one of your great photos. She had bought it a earlier bazaar from you. It is now my little piece of Kotzebue sitting on my desk.