Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Bazaar


Just when you thought you were all done having to look at holiday bazaar's some MORE!

More knitted goodies. I bought the dark colored pair of yarn socks near the top of the photo. I love yarn socks.

Hand beaded angel pin.

These knitted gloves were not on the table long before they were all gone.

Here is Corina. Her husband, Lance, is responsible for single handedly keeping the fox population of the Northwest Arctic in check.

Kookie with wolf and wolverine skins.

Here is my table.

Mary and her beyooootiful afghans. more holiday bazaar to go. See you there.



Gloria said...

I agree, yarn socks are the best! The skins are beautiful also! Hope you sold a lot of photos!

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Next year, I'm putting in my order early, and I'll just send you a check in like October. I'd like yarn socks, gloves, a wolf and a fox pelt, a hat, etc. etc. etc. I could do ALL my Christmas shopping there for me -
I do wonder, though - with a static population, do you do less well with each successive bazaar, or what? It seems like with each bazaar having about the same people selling the same stuff, and the same people coming to each one, that after the first one, you might not do as well? Just curious. How did your picture sales go this year? Hope you did well.


JackDaddy said...

I think the pictures are wonderful! It would be nice to live in such a close-knit community!

Rocksee said...

I love the bazaar! They didn't have those in the Lower 48.. at least were I am from and since I've moved to AK I've been too like 5 of them! They are awesome and I would much rather buy stuff the people put time and love into than some thing from the store.

I LOVE those green gloves with the snowflake on them! LOVE!