Monday, December 28, 2009

Send Me an Angel


The other night Uyaana and I were watching the 80's movie, The Wizard. It's a corny movie about video games. It's only saving grace is that it stars Christian Slater who I always thought was dreamy. Anyway, one of the songs on there was Real Life's song "Send Me an Angel" and Uyaana really liked the song and asked if we could download it. He has been listening to it over and over and over on his new iPod Touch that he got for Christmas. I think he's an 80's boy at heart. :)


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Lisa said...

Wow, I havent heard about that movie in yrs! And of course you cant forget Fred Savage!My fav Christian Slater movie from the
80's would have to be The Legend of Billie Jean.

Personally, I've been in love with John Cusack since the 80's so my kids and I recently watched Better Off Dead, one of my most favorite 80's movie ever!