Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a Nice Day


What a beautiful day today.

Sunshine and blue sky.

It got to about 66F degrees...

...but with that sun beating down and not much wind it seemed hotter. I took the dogs for a run with the four wheeler up beside cemetery hill.

There was a nice little pool and they jumped in to cool off.

Both Kaija and Rush like to swim but Rush is the one who is more likely to jump in and swim. Kaija is more of a wader, but she will swim when she thinks Rush is trying to upstage her. He's too dumb to show off....he just likes to swim.

Then after the swimming it's time to run around and look for voles. See that in the background?

Yup, it's the runway.

Hey, what's that??

It's the evening jet. Alaska Airlines flight 153.

When you stand in this spot the jet flies RIGHT OVER YOUR HEAD!

And even though you know it's not going to hit you it's so LOW that it is very intimidating. And LOUD.

And then it goes over head and it takes about 5 seconds for the rush of air to hit you. And then about 6 seconds there is this really weird sound that is very hard to describe. Kind of like this wooshing almost sizzling sound that goes through the air. Very strange.

After being buzzed by the 737 it's time for more vole hunting.





AussieAlaskan said...

Yummers???? LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures as usual. Your health issues certainly have not affected your great camera eyes. Beyond the runway, is that a barge?
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are the greatest! We enjoy looking at your wonderful pictures. You do such a great job...keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Rush just still cracks me up every time you post photos of him. His long gangly legs, his piggy snout nose, and that DUH look in his eyes. But, he's got a good heart! I think he is just really lucky he got you and Uyaana and your mom - otherwise, I'm not sure it's a face too many others would love?! What a goofball.


Tracy said...

And I thought *I* was close to the airport. LOL They're pretty low going over the house, but not quite that low. My 5 yr old (the major airplane fanatic) would LOVE that.

punxsygal said...

I remember landing in Kotzebue going down the runway with water on both sides.