Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aqpik Bonanza!

I just received these photos from a recent top secret aqpik reconnaissance mission. Holy moley!

Look at the size of them. They are huge and there are zillions of them. I have been sworn to secrecy. I can't wait to get my fingers on these babies this weekend!



bea3855 said...

Wow, I envy you! I love the taste of cloudberries; have never seen so many at one spot. I know them from Norway; in the austral parts the places are kept secret, but in the very north they are more often.
They are allowed to be picked only in special amounts.
They are called Molte!!!
Love them in joghurt, even the cat does!!!
I once found one single berry above 500 meters altitude!!
European Greetings

Ms. ~K said...

I was going to ask if they were salmonberries, but I see someone said they were cloudberries...
They are lovely and you don't have to worry about snakes when you pick them...

Anonymous said...

Not fair! Around here we'll probably have to walk for miles to see even a fraction of that. When they were in bloom it was too cold for any insects, so they were never pollinated. (We call them hjortron in Sweden.)

Anonymous said...

Will you be competing with the local bears for these goodies?

Millsy said...

Oh i am so jealous! Just the other day, I was whining to my mom about how I was craving aqpiks. I really wanted to make some aqpik jam and fireweed jelly before I left... Poor.

Finnskimo said...

I'll trade you some fireweed jelly to malik you on your mission.


If you don't take me, I'll just follow you anyway! haha... :)

Ceol Mo Cridhe said...
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Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

I. WANT. THOSE. BERRIES. Oh my gosh, I am SOOOO jealous, insanely so. I love berries so much, and I am HUGE into making jams and jellies and honey this year, and to have all those berries...,
it isn't JUST the berries, it's all the different KINDS you can get. We have blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry. That's it. That's SOOO boring. Your berries even have cool names.
I'm going to rename blueberries some other nifty name so they at least SOUND more exciting. Instead of Blueberry Jam, or Blueberry Pie, it will be something cool sounding. Suggestions? :)
Trade ya some really cool blue and green fresh organic chicken eggs for some Aqpik... oh if only that were possible!

Anonymous said...

You go get 'em, girl! And I'm right behind you! Might take me a few weeks to get there, tho.