Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Didn't Move to the Arctic to Sweat


It's hazy, it's humid, and it's hot. At least it feels hot. Ugh. I always say that I didn't move to the arctic to sweat but this summer has been a hot one. Anything beyond 55F is excessive. It even got up to 86 degrees one day, but I was in the hospital that day so given the choice of 86 or the hospital I would have chosen 86.

Uyaana leave on July 31st for our annual pilgrimage to the Motherland. We will spend 11 days in New Hampshire visiting the relatives. Usually I get to look forward to unbearably hot an humid weather. Last year it was awful. On the day I was supposed to take Uyaana to Canobie Lake Park it was 100F degrees. I had to tell the poor kid we wouldn't be able to go because I would DIE of heatstroke.

This year it looks like we might not have to deal with that. All the New Englanders have been moaning about what a cold rainy summer they have been having. I just hope New Hampshire isn't saving up a heat wave for our arrival.



Ms. ~K said...

Hey Cathy,
It's currently 66 degrees here in North Ga...cooler than Kotz...Yes the norhteast has been rainy and cool...Have a good trip back east!

Auntie said...

Here in New Hamster we are doing dances to the Cool Weather goddess for the 1st week in Aug. Should be snow up to your knees when you arrive. Bring your snowshoes for a trek up Mt. Washington. Tell Uyaana that Zeb's is excited about his return and has all its penny candy jars stocked to the max for his arrival. Have a good flight. Love, Auntie

Lisa said...

Hopefully its nice and cool back east for you. I grew up in MA but also spent a lot of time in NH, as my uncle had a cabin in Laconia. Everytime I go back east in the summer the humidity damn near kills me. Its currently 56* at my place, cloudy and windy also, but it feels good!

chelle said...

It has been a very rainy summer here in the northeast!!! We've all been saying that we needed to build an ark because we practically had 40 days and nights of nothing but rain! I live in NJ now, but I have a sister that lives in Nashua, NH, and one that lives in MA...and they are having basically the same weather that we are here in Jersey. The last week or so, it has been really nice weather...in the 70's, but no humidity! Hope you guys have a great trip!!!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I refuse to make a snarky weather/temperature comment on the grounds that you'd hunt me down and hurt me.

86 in OTZ? WOW!

Tracy said...

LOL I planned a trip up to WA to visit family and cool off, it was about 35-40 degrees cooler when I planned the trip. Now? It's supposed to get warm there right before I get there. I think I'll pack my A?C with me. lol I'm hoping it cools off after a couple days, and at least the night still get cooler.

Kimberlee said...

After living in the South for so many years, it's hard to complain about temps in the 70's and humidity in the 60's, BUT I STILL DO! I'm glad to hear that someone else finds it uncomfortable as well. How CAN it feel so hot when the numbers are so low? There must be something magic about the Arctic. Stay cool!