Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Wordless Wednesday


Grace said...

Another gorgeous picture.

I just want to thank you for always putting your town in the best possible light (and I'm not talking about your photographs). I just read the idiotic blog that's dominating the news these days. It's refreshing to read your blog and to see how glad you are to be a part of your community (even though, like any community, there must be things you don't like as much).

Krystal said...

my most favorite flower in the world! Hey, I know of a company that sells Fireweed Syrup...its super yummy.

chelle said...

When I was younger, and living in Fairbanks, we used to pick Fireweed all the time so that we could give mom "flowers"....she would always take them and put them in a vase! They really are pretty!