Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Boy and His Dogs






KatieV said...

Hi Cathy-My name is Katie and I found your neat blog off of Fugley-I wanted to see your puppies. They are too cute! And your son looks so happy with his pals. I love your site! I have often dreamed of packing up and heading for AK-but have never even visited! Hopefully someday soon my family will head that way and get to see it. You are very brave to live in the extreme weather. I am rooted in Boise ID and it hit 48 today and sunny. I will no longer sulk at our mild winter!!!You go girl!!! Katie

gail said...

Uyaana gets cuter every day.

Peruby said...

Boy needs something to chew on, too!

Arvay said...

So cute! I want to squeeze all three of them! Probably your dogs would be more tolerant of that than your son!

Anonymous said...

Wow - Rush has gotten HUGE. He isn't a puppy anymore.


Becky said...

That's so cute.

Your puppy does look like ours!