Saturday, February 14, 2009

Any Day You Walk Away....

Photobucket a good day. Just ask the guys who were flying this Casa.

It has been stormy for the last couple of days so there have been lots of cancelled flights. It cleared up today, still overcast but not snowing, so the small planes had been flying.

Then suddenly this white out started. One minute it was clear and the next you couldn't see 100 feet in front of you.

This is an ATS cargo plane so there were no passengers on board. I think it was just the pilot and co-pilot and they were ok. I hear they walked the rest of the way to the ATS hanger (about 1/3 mile) and were taken to the hospital to get checked out.

From the daily Alaska State Trooper Dispatch......

Location: Kotzebue

Case number: 09-12652

Type: Aircraft Accident

Text: On 11/14/09 at approximately 1055 hours Kotzebue Flight Serves
reported an Arctic Transportation Services (ATS) Casa 212 aircraft had
reported five miles out of Kotzebue and was planning to land on runway
09. At approximately 1103 hours Kotzebue Flight Serves attempted to
contact the aircraft and received no response. At approximately 1140
hours pilot Tony Willis age 27 of Anchorage and co-pilot Jarod Crume age
24 of Anchorage walked into town and reported that they had hit the ice
off the end of runway damaging their aircraft. Both Willis and Crume
reported being uninjured. Weather was the main contributor to the



Anonymous said...

Now this is the best, the absolute best Valentine an Air Crew can have, they walked away from it.

Thanks Cathy, awesome Valentine's Day present for all.


gail said...

Those fly guys must have nerves of steel. I admire the skill it took to land that plane at all.