Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Things About Me

I am recycling this from my Facebook page. It took so long to write it seemed a shame not to use it again here.

25 Random Things About Cathy

1. I hate raisins. I hate the way they look, I hate the way they taste and I especially hate the way they smell. I hate the way people feel the need to contaminate perfectly lovely foods with raisins such as cinnamon rolls, cookies, and rice. I mean, I can't just pick the raisins out of a cinnamon roll because I can still SMELL that they were there.

2. My favorite drink is Diet Pepsi. I could drink it all day if I let myself.

3. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. No joke. I was diagnosed as a young child. I am still very ADD. I forget things all the time. You can remind me of something and I will literally forget 3 minutes later. I even set my cell phone to remind me to pick my son up from school every day! Sad.

4. When I was in 1st grade, we had a teacher named Mrs. Emory who I swear came from the dark ages. There were "Good Bunnies" and "Bad Bunnies". Good Bunnies got candy. Bad Bunnies got to spend the day in a cardboard box. I remember one time me and I think Jimmy Zarta got in trouble in the lunch room for refusing to eat some particularly yucky thing on our tray. Do you remember that Jimmy??

5. I am terrible with names and faces. I think this has to do with the ADD. After I meet people casually I almost always immediately forget their name. Sometimes I even forget their face. I have people walk up to me and say "Hi cathy!", and I will have absolutely no idea who they are or how I know them. It's embarrassing.

6. When driving or walking down a road at night I like to see into people's windows. I like see what their house looks like and wonder who they are and what their life is like. Is that creepy??

7. I swear I can spend three and a half hours straight in Walmart or Target and not even know where the time went. I think, because I live in the Bush and don't have access to big stores I go into some kind of "stuff trance". I get overwhelmed by all the stuff and wander aimlessly looking at things.

8. I hate math! I am absolutely terribly awful at math. Enough said.

9. Whenever I'm getting ready to fly to Anchorage I always make these long, elaborate shopping lists, and then I always forget them at home.

10. I cannot type without looking at the keyboard. I am filled with envy when I see people blissfully typing away while looking at the computer screen. Show offs. My typing teacher in high school used to tell me I would be sorry for peeking at my hands in class. You were right Ms. Ballou....I am very, very, sorry!

11. I do not attach to people easily. I am a friendly person, and have people who I am friendly with, but I can count my closest, trusted friends on one hand with room to spare and to them I am fiercely loyal.

12. I hate Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, Cherry Pepsi, Maraschino cherries, cherry cough drops or anything else that has that yucky fake cherry flavor.......but I love fresh cherries.

13. I am not a grudge holder. Even when someone REALLY pisses me off and I blow up at them I am usually good by the next day. Even when someone hurts my feelings I can't hold a grudge.

14. I have had 5 surgeries on my left knee since January of 2003.
First, a lateral partial menisecomy, medial meniscal repair, and ACL reconstruction with cadaver allograft. Second, medial meniscal repair. Third , another meniscal repair. Fourth, another ACL and a Lateral reconstruction both with cadaver allograft... Lather, rinse and... Fifth, REPEAT.

15. I once met Sean Penn. It was on the train from Anchorage to Fairbanks. He was filming footage for Into the Wild. Sean Penn is an ass with entitlement issues.

16. I do not own any dresses or skirts. I haven't for years.

17. I love show tunes, especially Andrew Lloyd Webber. I saw Cats and Aspects of Love on Broadway and I have seen Jesus Christ Superstar three times. I have a big long play list of show tunes on my ipod.

18. I have always been terrible at journals but I decided to start a blog as a way to post photos for family and friends who live far away. That was almost 2 years ago and somehow it has become much more than that.

19. I love my dogs. I even let Kaija sleep on the bed.

20.I never set out to be a "photographer". I just liked to take photos and never dreamed that I would ever make money at it. Actually I still don't really make any money at it cause, dang, it's an expensive hobby.

21. The greatest person I have ever known is my Gramma Nella who died when I was 16. She was the nicest person I have ever met. She never had an unkind word to say about anyone. If a hornet got into the house she would catch it gently in her hands, careful not to hurt it, and let it outside.

22. I have a cousin named "Karen" who moved away when I was very young. I barely remember her,and have actually seen her only a few times. Sometimes I think that I have become another "Karen" in my family who lives way out in Alaska. The one who is seen only once a year and is out of the loop. Sometimes that's a bummer.

23. I was born in "America's First Resort" and raised in "Peyton Place".

24. I love to read. I like all different kinds of books, but if it doesn't hook me in by about the 20th page it goes back on the shelf. I think I have tried to read "I Know This Much is True" by Wally Lamb about 4 times and it always ends up on the shelf.

25. I liked Twilight even though I am ashamed to say it. It is the book I hate to love. It was corny and full of purple prose but still it was strangely compelling. However, each successive book got progressively worse until it took me a week to recover from the resulting brain damage the reading of Breaking Dawn gave me.


Loveanewidea said...

So fun to read! #4 - cardboard box...unbelievable; #6 - windows...I'm the same way and so are most of my sisters and friends, so I don't thinks it's creepy.

gail said...

I love reading these, it's my form of peeking in windows, I guess!

Anonymous said...

This is good! I wish I lived in a box as I know I'm one bad bunny. Thanks Cathy


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. I also agree with what gail wrote, this is my form of peeking in other peoples windows. Sometimes I feel a bit bad for intruding but there is no way I can stop. Your photos are great.

Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

I just told Kaisa and Clara that they were being bad bunnies...and they were going to sleep in a cardboard box. HAHAhaha... that, is just so funny!

Richard Lewis said...

Hello from an antipodal stranger who lives in the tropics...I haven't worn a jacket in years!

Anonymous said...

Cathey I'm interested in your photographs. Tried to email you and used the address which you have listed on your blog. Email came back saying it couldn't be delivered. Please help! Do you sell from a website?


tundratantrum said...

Rebecca....the email address works, you just have to take the spaces out. The address is

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you forget names and faces too..sometimes its my own family, (sometimes its my

Becky said...

I like looking in people's windows to see how other people live, too.

Creepy would be if you were peeping into their windows to watch them sleep, lol.

Anonymous said...

I found a box of wine! I'm a bad, bad bunny. Today is a good day to live in the box. No joiners!