Friday, May 30, 2008

Crazy Dog Part 2

Rememeber when I said that my dog was smart???? Consider this an official retraction of that statement.

Here is Kaija chasing ducks in a pond. She swam about 5 circles around this pond chasing them.

The ducks would stay just out of her reach. I really think Kaija though that she was going to catch them.

She wasn't going to give up. It got to the point that I thought she would tire out and I hollered at her to quit and come back. I had to holler plenty before she gave up.


Trudie said...

A couple of summers ago my nutty dog, Tjorro, gave chase to a reindeer from the bluff above the house, across the road and into the lake... He swam about half a mile behind the reindeer before he gave up and came back to land.
Is it lack of intelligence or an overpowering instinct to hunt, I wonder.

Peruby said...

LOL! Our lab did that in a pond we had on a farm with Canadian geese.
(about 15 years ago). My brother said he thought the stupid dog was going to drown.

Becky said...

I LOVE when dogs do that, lol. Reminds me of my old family dog years ago when I was a kid, chasing the ducks around our pond. We always joked that he probably wouldn't have known what to do with them if he caught was the fun of the chase.