Friday, May 15, 2009



It's that time of year in Kotzebue....Vacation Bible School. This week is VBS at the
First Baptist Church. Seeing as how this is part of the reason I haven't been out taking photos of other things I figured I would post some pics of VBS.

This is our fearless VBS leader Tammy.

The kids are having a great time.

VBS started on monday and today is the last day.

Here's my partner in crime, Bree. She and I are snack volunteers along with a few other ladies.

On this day the kids were making smores. We melted chocolate chips in the crockpot and the kids dipped marshmallows on toothpicks into the chocolate....

...and then rolled them around in crushed graham crackers.

The kids loved them. They each had three.....we volunteers ate about 20 each I think, hahah.

Maija was a craft volunteer.

She helped the kids with their projects and kept the ensuing carnage to a minimum.

So it's been a busy but fun week.



Becky said...

Oh, I LOOOOve VBS. I always attended as a kid, and then have helped and sent my own kids ever since. Glad to see such a big turnout!

Those smores look DELISH! (I'm SO stealing that idea!)

Tracy said...

Yeah, VBS pretty much wipes you out for a week. LOL I haven't helped in hte last 2 years--one I was pregnant and the pastor's wife let me off the hook. lol Then last year we didn't have it (small church with not too many kids)

Those smores ideas are cool! I hadn't thought of making them that way. My kids would've loved that.

I'm amazed your kids are out of school already! I thought they got out early here in TX! They used to get out about this time, but the last year or so they've bumped it back to the end of the month/first of June with a later start.

Rocksee said...

I agree with Becky, that is a great smores idea!

The little girl with the star shirt has the best little smile!

I miss VBS days!

Ishmael said...


Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said... about a wake up call! hahah. That is the worst picture I've seen of me! hahaha. What a LOOK!