Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Midnight Sun


May 12th, 12:12am



Rocksee said...

wow.. theres not words for that.. great ww!

Anonymous said...

I never tire of views like this - even that I will be seeing the same thing here in about a months time

Krystal said...

Can you believe that summer soltice is only a month away? Bonfire time of year!

I LOVE the Alaskan summers, all the beavers and muskrats are swimming and eating in the slough we live next to.

I'll get some pictures of the midnight sun in North Pole tonight if the sky actually clears up today. We've been in a cold front lately and it sucks.

AussieAlaskan said...

Cathy, I grew up in Fairbanks, spending about 15 years there, then life took me in different directions - I do view the News-Miner Arctic Cam but I am loving your photos. It's every day to you but it's not to me anymore.