Monday, May 11, 2009

Dumb Dog


This is Rush, the cognitively impaired spotty mutt.

He is the dumbest dog....EVER.


There is nothing that this dog won't eat. I don't mean chew, I mean EAT! He has eaten jeans, a bra, shirts, underwear, stuffed animals, a bottle of Heat, credit cards, fleece blanket, 10W40 bottle, rope, wicker baskets, and the 4WD switch on my four wheeler.

BUT....lucky for him he's cute and sweet and my mom loves him.



Krystal said...

Well your pup is adorable! I have a Siberian Husky. Hey, I'm going to link your blog from mine because I like what you post. Hope you had a wonderful mothers day too!

Ms. ~K said...

If I didn't know better I would say Rush has some Lab in him, as they also eat anything!!!
He may be dumb, but he sure is a gorgeous boy!!!
Great photos, as always!

Peruby said...

Holy crap! Does he have to go to the vet's office after he eats that stuff? What happens when it comes out the other end?

Becky said...

Did he come from a litter in SoCal, lol? I would SWEAR that dog was related to our (former) dumb dog D.O.G. who is now living with our niece. That dog was EXACTLY the same way...ate everything in sight...chewed the rubber handle off our new shovel, gnawed the igloo cooler that we put out their water in so there would be enough for both of them to drink. D.O.G. is Lab and German Shorthaired pointer, but had more the fur of a lab with exactly the same eyes as your dog.

Lisa said...

Sounds like your dog and my Husky/Shpeherd mix could be related. Our Skye-puppy will eat anything! She particularly favors plastic clothes hangers. The other morning I found one of my daughters flip-flops chewed to pieces in the dogs cage((sigh)). If she can get it in her mouth she'll eat it. I always say she must have an iron stomach!

Anonymous said...

Cathey on the bright side, you may have another 'Marley'. Keep the hope, he may make you rich. He is a beautiful dog!

Arvay said...

No way! It's my Linden's mental twin! Her vet actually has "dietary indiscretion" on her record!

jenstillinak said...

He looks like a Springer Spaniel mix to me, like a Springer and a sled dog maybe? He looks just like my dog, but his ears have the sled dog look and his fur is longer and puffier like theirs, but he is a dead ringer for my dog otherwise. He is so cute!
And yes, my dog eats EVERYTHING too!